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There are so many different reasons people can breakout or get a bout of acne, some of it can be easy to remedy, sometimes it may be a bit more difficult requiring you to alter your diet or discontinue use of certain products. We have assembled a basic list of things to check if you are experiencing breakouts, sometimes altering a few of these items can allow the skin to clear up.


The first and biggest thing to check is your skincare regimen. Cosmetics, lotions, cleansers etc..... This is a big one as many, many of the products that you may use in your everyday skincare can be loaded with synthetic ingredients, chemicals and petrol products. These ingredients can wreak havoc with your skin and cause something that is known as "chemical induced acne". Many people who have never experienced acne before can start to breakout easily by applying mainstream, cosmetic counter products to their face. Many major companies use petrol (gasoline by product) oils such as mineral oil in their cosmetics and skincare products as it is a very cheap alternative to natural vegetal oils such as jojoba or hazelnut oil etc. Mineral oil (also petroleum jelly aka vaseline) is highly comedogenic, its molecular structure is to large to cross the skin barrier so it sits on top of the skin not allowing it to breathe and clogging pores. Dimethicone/ silicone /cones are silicones that are very similar to mineral oil on the skin, they do not allow the skin to breathe and clog pores. The "cones" are used in almost all face primers and quite a bit of skincare and cosmetics, check your labels.  Some natural and organic skincare companies still use petrol products and some not very natural ingredients mixed with their *green ingredients, this is called greenwashing, you will not get the full benefits from using these so called natural products as they still contain some of the *nasties that are not good for acne prone skin, even if they do have a few good ingredients. There are lists out there on other websites telling the comedogenic rating for skincare products, although being a good idea, after personally reading through the list I can tell you many of the listed ingredients are way off. Do not go by these lists as (in my opinion) they seem to be supported by mainstream cosmetic chemists as they list petrol products as being a "0" for comedogenic (when theyr are well known to cause breakouts) and they list well known vegetal oils that are good for the skin as being a "3" or "4" for comedogenic which couldn't be further from the truth. We will try and post a comedogenic list here so you can keep updated.


Wash your pillowcases, cell phones and anything that touches your face frequently.

Hair products.

Try not to use hair products in your hair. Many of the traditional hair products out there are loaded with silicones, chemicals, and oils that can seriously break you out if your hair touches your face (especially while sleeping at night). If you must use hair products we suggest Aubrey Organics as being the least comedogenic.


Wash your makeup brushes! This is a big one, if you start to experience breakouts, wash your brushes! Makeup brushes can harbor bacteria. They can be easily washed with a natural soap or shampoo and rinsed well and laid out on an absorbent towel to dry.


Diet is a HUGE factor in how your skin looks. Your skin is referred to as your 3rd kidney, whatever is not processed via your kidneys will surface via the skin. From our research we have found that those who battle long term acne often have some sort of gut dysbiosis. Gut dysbiosis is basically when you have a compromised digestive environment that allows bad bacteria (pathogenic bacteria/parasites and candida) to overtake the good bacteria. Bad bacteria constantly releases toxins which can overburden your kidneys and liver. Changing your diet is a must, eating an ORGANIC WHOLE FOOD DIET is the best way to great skin and overall health. It is crucial to fix the internal issues to not only have great skin but great health as well. Switching topical products may help but true change comes from changing your diet to healthful, enzyme rich, living foods. Breakouts can also be a sign of detox so join a forum where you can discuss your journey with others. Stay away from TRANS FATS, No Partially Hydrogenated or hydrolyzed products (read labels not the claims "0 grams trans fats" they can still have trans fats in there if it is less than a gram). Do not eat fast food or fried food.  I believe our mainstream food supply is a major reason for our high amount of cancers, obesity and skin disorders that currently makes up a large portion of the population due to the high amount of chemicals, GMO's,  fillers, pesticides etc..


Fermented foods and beverages are great for gut health and in turn your skin (some people may experience a purging of the skin initially as the skin detoxes) Kefir, Kombucha, Water Kefir, Raw Sauerkraut, Kimchi are all good sources of food probiotics. Some people may wish to supplement with pill form probiotics, we like the Dr Ohhiras brand due to being fermented and food based.


Get moving, it aids in detoxification and keeps you healthy and glowing.

Drink water.

Not any water, spring water is best such as Fiji or Evian, next would be reversed osmosis filtered water. Never drink tap water it is loaded with chlorine, fluoride, prescription drugs and other known toxins. Remember the saying, "the cure for pollution is dilution".

Shower filter.

Our traditional water supply is loaded with chemicals, toxins and chlorine. These wreak havoc on our skin and hair. Changing this alone can show immediate results on your skin and hair.


De-stress your life. Stress makes you sick and can cause breakouts. Listen to relaxing music, spend as much time in nature as possible. Our cluttered life has taken us from nature and the peace can bring just being outside.

Be natural. 

Live as close to nature as possible, you will find you have less breakouts, your body will be in better shape, your overall attitude will improve!

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