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How to apply

Directions for mineral foundation application: Start with well hydrated, clean skin. Open your jar by twisting the sifter to allow the powder to come through the holes. Tap a small amount of powder into the lid of your jar. Using your mineral kabuki brush, swirl into the powder and tap off any excess by tapping your brush on the side of a table or the side of the lid. Apply the minerals to your face in a circular buffing motion. We recommend applying several small coats of foundation rather than one heavy coat so that the finished result looks more natural and not heavy. Repeat until you reach your desired coverage level. 

Concealing: Next using a concealer brush or concealer buffer, swirl into the powder in your lid and tap off any excess and apply in a patting motion to any blemishes or imperfections. Repeat until desired coverage level is reached. For those who need more coverage we recommend adding in a concealer and using the same application methods described above. 

Blush/bronzer/highlighter: Next you may apply your blush, bronzer or highlighter using the same methods of application described above (swirl, tap, apply) and apply (bronzer and/or blush) to the apple of the cheeks, the top of the forehead and down the sides of the nose (bronzer). For highlighter use the appropriate brush and lightly apply to the upper apple of the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose, chin and eyebrow arches. 

Eyeshadows: We recommend at least two shades of eyeshadow. One that is a neutral, lighter shade (creams, ivory and white shades and a darker shade (chestnut, cranberry and charcoal shades). Using the lighter shade go over the entire eye are including the upper eyelid and brow bone. Using the darker shade apply to the outer corner of the eye and continue into crease of the eye. 

Eyeliner/brows: For brows tap out the powder into the lid of your jar, swirl your brush in the powder, tap off excess and apply to the brow area using an angled brow brush, move the powder in the natural form of the brow in upward hairlike strokes. For eyeliner you can apply either wet or dry. For a softer appearance you can apply dry by tapping your powder into your lid and using an angled brush dip into the powder, tap off excess and apply starting at the outer eyelid and work your way in. For a more dramatic application including a winged cat eye, we recommend tapping a small amount of powder into your lid, add a few drops of water, swirl your brush in the mixture to make a liquid paste and apply starting at the outer eye work your way in. In the case of fallout (powder falling under the eye) simply use a few drops of serum (or natural oil) and wipe under the eye and once dry reapply foundation powder/concealer to the under eye area with concealer brush or concealer buffer brush. 

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