Faerie Organic Mineral Makeup Kit comes with all you need to start....
-(2) foundation colors 20gm jars (6gm net wt) each
-sheer Veil 20gm jar (6gm net wt)
-midsummer bronzer 10gm Jar (3gm net wt)
-true blush 10gm Jar(3gm net wt)
-kabuki brush
-concealer brush

satin/glow mineral starter kit

  • Our mineral starter kits come with everything you need to get started with Faerie Organic Minerals.

    - Porcelain Kit, 

    -Light Kit 

    -Golden Kit 

    -Med Kit

    -Tan kit

    -Dark Kit

     (If there are 2 specific colors you want in your kit, just buy the color category it comes in and then fill in under the comment area. For example: You want a Medium Kit with Medium and Medium/Tan foundation, you would purchase the Med kit and then leave a note below with your specific choices. We have a basic guide of what will be sent if no specifications are made below.

    Porcelain kit- Fair, Porcelain or fair honey

    Light Kit- Fairly light, Light

    Golden Kit-Medium/Golden, Golden Honey- NEW!!

    Med Kit-Med, Med/Beige or Light Medium/Golden

    Tan Kit- Med/Tan, Tan

    Dark Kit- Golden Dark, Dark

    Deep Kit- Golden Deep, Deep (Our dark shades are only available in natural finish we only carry 1 finish for our golden dark-deep we currently do not have our dark shades available in airbrush or maximum coverage)

    We are unable to fit all the color shades in our drop down menu due to space requirements. If you fall into the dark shades please type you colors you would like in your kit in the provided area.