Hazelnut Glow Serum- 1oz glass pump bottle
Hazelnut glow serum is perfect for all skin types but especially those who are acne prone and have damaged skin. Hazelnut serum is 100% pure hazelnut oil to create maximum healing and moisture without all the icky stuff.


Featured ingredient:

Hazelnut has so many benefits we love it and cannot sing enough praises about it. Hazelnut oil is fantastic for damaged acne prone skin as it has a number of essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, it is lightweight and easily absorbed. The antibacterial and astringent properties prevent the excessive secretion of skin oil that results in acne, while maintaining a perfect moisture balance. Hazelnut can aid as a natural sunscreen as it is able to filter the harmful rays of the sun, and is also a rich source of vitamin E. The anti-oxidant properties of natural occuring vitamin E are effective in solving many of the problems associated with aging. Free radicals are the main source of skin damage causing destruction of cells and chapped skin. Regular application of hazelnut oil is able to help reverse this process by eliminating the free radicals and hence keeping your skin soft, healthy and glowing!

hazelnut serum (acne/oily)

  • ingredients- corylus americana (hazelnut) seed oil