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Want to try our mineral makeup prior to committing to a full size jar? Try our sample kits! Our foundation kits, come with 5 foundation colors in 1/4 tsp each in rotating finishes (matte= no glow/matte and satin= natural, satin glow). This will provide many applications of each color, so you can find your perfect shade! BRUSH SOLD SEPARATELY.


The light to medium kit comes with the following shades....
1)Fairly Light satin foundation
2)Light matte foundation
3)Medium/Golden satin foundation
4)Medium matte foundation
5)Medium/Beige satin foundation
Ingredients- mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, boron nitride and iron oxides.


The add on kit comes with an additional bronzer, blush, concealer and sheer veil suited to the skin tones in your standard kit. 

light to medium sample pack