Matcha Green Tea Kit comes with 2oz Matcha Green Tea Cleanser or SUMO cleansing clay 6.5 oz, 4oz Green Tea and Seaweed Toner, 2gm jar Mineral Therapy Acne Treatment, 1oz Hazelnut Serum. *Note- you can choose your cleanser it comes with either our soap free matcha cleanser or our soap free sumo clay cleanser.

Our new matcha green tea kit for acne/oily skin contains the perfect start to naturally cleanse and balance the skin. Fortified with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants from organic matcha green tea and micronutrient rich seaweed this set naturally balances acne prone skin and leaves a refreshed, glowing complexion.

matcha green tea skincare kit (acne/oily)

  • Ingredients- Please check the individual listings.


    Step 1-Using your Matcha Green Tea Cleanser or SUMO add a dime size amount to fingertips and cleanse skin, rinse with cool to warm water. 

    Step 2- Using your Green Tea and Seaweed Toner- lightly wet a cotton pad or cotton ball with toner and apply to the face and neck to remove any excess residue and deep clean pores. 

    Step 3- Using your Hazelnut Serum- apply dime size amount to fingertips and apply in massing motion over the face. For additional moisture our sweet almond Intensive serum can be used in place of the hazelnut serum.

    Step 4- Using your mineral therapy acne treatment, dip concealer brush (or clean fingertip) in powder and spot apply to blemishes as needed.

    Additional- Once a week we suggest use of a scrub for exfoliation. We offer our new Sumo clay scrub in our store or you can add 1 tsp of baking soda in the palm of your hand with your cleanser and massage into skin and rinse clean. Follow with moisturizer or serum. We also recommend every 1-2 weeks use of a clay mask for detoxing the skin and removing accumulated toxins. We now have our new Matcha Green Tea Mask available in our store.