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Matcha Green Tea Mask 2oz glass jar
Our matcha green tea mask draws out toxins and impurities, renewing and recharging the skin. French green clay is a natural sun dried clay that is nutrient rich; including iron, silica, magnesium, calcium, titanium, sodium and potassium. Used to cleanse, purify and detoxify the skin removing dead skin cells and create an overall refreshed and renewed appearance. High in antioxidants from matacha green tea and micronutrients from organic seaweed and wheatgrass to aid in skin cell turnover for an allover glowing, refreshed complexion.


Featured ingredients- 

Organic Matcha Green Tea- ECGC in green tea is a potent antioxidant, ECGC inhibits the aging process of tissues and reduces redness and inflammation, providing healthy, radiant skin. ECGC's in Matcha Green Tea are 137 times more abundant than regular green tea, providing your skin with the maximum antioxidant protection. 

french green and matcha clay mask