Welcome to our new customer loyalty/rewards program! Please read below for details on how to earn towards free makeup with every purchase! 

Welcome to our new customer loyalty/rewards program! 

Want to earn free makeup, free gifts and discounts? You are in the right place. 

All you need is an app (You must have the app to receive the loyalty points, we cannot apply them if you do not have the app). Just download the flok app (it is a quick download and small app so it takes up very little space) and join our club (search faerie organic). Once you join get an instant 10% off coupon, free makeup on your birthdays, you can even use the app to chat/text directly with us!

To get points (punches) all you have to do is make any purchase over $30 and you will receive a punch on your punchcard (orders $30 and up receive one punch. One punch per order. We manually punch for you nothing is necessary on your end) after 5 punches you get a free $30 gift card to use on our site! 

We also have a loyalty program ( it says check ins on the app but it correlates to purchases/punches on your card).....

SILVER - after 2 punches (check ins) you move up to our silver member which you then receive two free samples with every order.

GOLD- after 6 punches (check ins) you become a gold member which receives 3 free samples with every order, VIP sneak peak freebies of new products, a VIP exchange policy and more!

PLATINUM- after 12 punches (check-ins), you become a platinum member and receive one free full size eyeshadow, blush, illuminator or concealer of your choice with every purchase, freebie trials of new products before they are released, VIP return/exchange policy, targeted sales and discount codes for platinum members!


*after downloading the app it will say swipe to punch your card. The only way to get punches on your card is to place a $30 or more order and we will manually punch your card for you after you order you do not need to swipe or do anything on your end. The swipe option is for local customers at brick and mortar locations. We manually punch your card for ecommerce purchases. 

Download the flok app and join our club today to start earning free makeup and discounts!!


Q. Do I have to purchase off the app or in person at a store?

A. No. Once you are a Flok/Faerie Organic member (and have the app downloaded), all rewards are given by making a purchase online through our website. When you make a purchase (of $30 or more) we will manually punch your card for you from our end (once your order is processed within 1-2 days of ordering) and the punch will show up for you on your punchcard in your app. 

Q. Will I get two punches for a $60 order?

A. No. The system is set up to give one punch for any order over $30 and provides one punch per order.

Q. Do I have to swipe or check in to get a punch?

A. No. Punches are only given when a $30 or more order is placed on our website and we will manually provide you a punch once we process your order.

Q. How long does it take for a punch to show up on my punchcard once I place an order?

A. Once we process your order, within 1-2 days of ordering (over weekends may be an additional day as we are closed over weekends). 

Q. How do I redeem my birthday gift? 

A. We recommend contacting us when you receive your birthday gift notification (once you place an order of any amount/no minimum is required, we will include your free birthday gift in your order). Please email us or text us via the app and let us know what you would like to receive (blush, eyeshadow or concealer and in which shade). 

Q. It says I am out of distance to check in will I still get a punch on my card?

A. The app is geared toward brick and mortar locations but we are using it for online purchase. You do not have to use the check in or be in range to get points. All you have to do is place any order over $30 and we will apply your punch to your card for you. You do not have to do anything on your end (just have the app downloaded that's it) and the rest we will take care of.

Q. Once I download the app and join do I have to do anything? 

A. Nope. Once you download the app and join our club that is it. We take care of everything else from there. You do not need to check in or swipe or anything else. The only thing you need to do to get punches to your card is to place an order over $3o and we will apply a punch to your card for you from our end when we process your order. 

Q. How do I find/redeem my 10% off welcome discount?

A. You will find your 10% off welcome discount by looking on your "faerie organic" homepage of your app (the area with your punchcard showing) and scroll down. The 10% reward will be located under the club cards (the area that shows the silver, gold and platinum club member cards). Once you find your code and redeem it, you can head over to our website and apply the code in the "coupon area" at checkout to get your discount applied to your order. 

Q. Can I get any additional punches without placing an order?

A. YES! You can get additional punches by using your app (scroll down near the bottom) and you will find a button that says "Invite friends" use this button to invite friends to our loyalty program and you will get a free punch on your card!

Q. What if I cannot find my reward codes or do not know how to redeem a reward? 

A. If you cannot find a code or need help redeeming a reward you can text us via the app or contact us here at and we will assist you in making sure you get your rewards/punches etc applied. 

Q. Is there a way to put a shortcut on my home screen of my smartphone? 

A. Yes. You can scroll down on your app and see the "add button to home page" and add the faerie organic button to your home screen on your phone so you can easily check your punches and rewards.

Q. How do I keep track of my punches/rewards?

A. This is what the app is for, all of your punches/rewards will be active in real time in your app. Whenever you want to see check how many punches you have or your member status you can simply go to your app and it will show you these details. 

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