Welcome to our new customer loyalty/rewards program! Please read below for details on how to earn towards free makeup with every purchase! 

Welcome to our new customer loyalty/rewards program! 

Want to earn free makeup, free gifts and discounts? You are in the right place. 

Just download the "STAMPME" app (in apple store for iphone or playstore for android). Once the app is downloaded scan the barcode below using the "quick scan" camera tool in the app (make sure your camera settings are turned on in the app so you can scan it) and it will take you directly to our loyalty/rewards punchcard in the app where you can join! If you don't like having to scan the code etc you can message us and we can manually add you to the club (you just need to have the "stamp me" app downloaded to keep track of your stamps/rewards).

Once you join the club you get an instant 10% discount reward in the app to use on your next order by applying the code in the promo code area on our website! (upon joining our club the reward code will show up in your app under the "my rewards" section, the code can be applied in the promo code area at checkout- on the bottom left of the shopping cart).














To get stamps all you have to do is make any purchase over $30 and you will receive a stamp on your punchcard (orders $30 and up receive one stamp. One stamp per order. We manually punch your card for you within 3-5 business days while processing orders so nothing is necessary on your end) after 5 punches you get a free $30 gift code to use on our site! 

SILVER - after 2 punches you move up to our silver member which you then receive two free samples with every order.

GOLD- after 8 punches, you receive 3 free samples with every order (just let us know your preference). Also included are VIP sneak peak freebies of new products, a VIP exchange policy and more!

PLATINUM- after 14 punches, you become a platinum member and receive a free sample with every order and a free full size product with each order of your choice (eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lip gloss, lip glaze or concealer). Platinum members also receive freebie trials of new products before they are released, VIP return/exchange policy, targeted sales and discount codes for platinum members!

**details- tiered status has to be maintained yearly. If an account becomes stagnant  over 18 months the tiered club resets back to zero.



Q. Will I get two stamps for a $60 order?

A. No. The system is set up to give one stamp for any order over $30 and provides one stamp per order.

Q. How long does it take for my stamp to apply once I place an order?

A. Once we process your order, within 3-5 days of ordering (over weekends may be an additional day as we are closed over weekends) you will receive a notification via your app with your punchcard total. 

Q. How do I redeem my birthday gift? 

A. You will receive a birthday notification via your app during your birthday month on how to redeem your free birthday gift. 

Q. How do I collect my rewards or redeem a reward? 

A. Your app will hold your rewards for you until you are ready to use them. You can check your "rewards" area on your app and "click to redeem". The app will give you your code that you can use in the promo code area at checkout

Q. Why does the app say "show this code at the register" when I go to redeem a reward? 

The app is set up for brick and mortar, retail locations but we use it alongside our website/online. Whenever you receive a reward it can be used on our website (you do not have to show it to someone at the register) you just punch your code into the promo code area in the shopping cart to apply your reward! 

Q. Do I have to place my order in the app? 

No. Your app is just a way for you to keep track of your punchcard and rewards from your end. Any rewards can be redeemed by heading over to our website and using the code in the promo code area at checkout. 


****INFO ABOUT FLOK (our prior rewards program)

We received a notification from flok around November 2019 that they would be closing as of March 2020. At that time we began searching for a replacement rewards program that we could seamlessly transition over to. Slowly the flok app began to lose function from the customer end (customers couldn't sign in or punches were not showing up on their end). We were still able to keep track of punches from our end as that was still functioning. We now have a new rewards/loyalty program and can transfer all punches/rewards over to our new program (stampme) once you join. If you were in the previous FLOK program we recommend deleting the app and downloading the STAMPME app in order to start/continue accumulating points/rewards. Once we see you in the app we will transfer your punches/points over. If we can help with any questions free to chat with us on the homepage of our site or drop us an email. Thank you!